A remote spot on the Internet where you can find the burned-out carcasses of my art & poetry.


Selected art & poetry from late 2011 and 2012.

...And bury your mind deep down into the cool musky earth somewhere far within the big black forest under the granite mountain where worms will eat your brain...

...Washing down minds that escaped from where they are when or even before they enter the promenade, but lifeless still notice enthralled vermillion horses pushing their way out...

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Heinrich Motherbeard (1917 - 1973) is a ruefully neglected artist who was a forming influence on many emerging names in the American art scene of The Second World War. Presented here, for the first time, is a romanticized account of his life as related by him through his long lost wordless novels It is Finally Boring (1941) and Cathedral Lost Dream Streets (1956).

In collaboration with friends and family of Heinrich, and Prof. Arnold H. Raumschiff, curator of The Museum of Outsider Art of Nebraska, Jasper Pol has gone through painstaking effort to reconstruct Heinrich's art from surviving artwork, notebooks, letters and photographs.

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A selection of poems written in the period from 2007 to early 2011.

"...You could see the city from a distance, blue, and wonder about all that went on there: Schools for dance and drama in brownstone buildings nestled in the shade between high rise business in the center of the city. The smell of burned sugar. Men wearing ties carrying briefcases with papers with hundreds of thousands of carefully chosen and typeset words. Further out the garbage heaps with seagulls flocking over them..."

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"Exterminate all rational thought." that is the conclusion Bill Lee has come to with regard to writing, in David Cronenberg's movie adaptation of Naked Lunch. Charles is forever busy using what appears to be sleeping gas on himself and those around him in an attempt to apply Bill's conclusion not to writing but to a vacation into nonsensical bliss.

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What if a zombie, put together from parts of Robert Crumb, George Herriman and Chester Gould, attempted to make a comic strip with a Hemingway-like narrative, in the setting of a Bukowski novel while Harvey Pekar is looking over it's shoulder constantly criticizing. Now add an aversion to plot and a craving for postmodern fragmentation. Well, it probably would be great... This is all there is.

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